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Covid-19 precautions:-

As I am sure you have all seen we now have to close due to Covid-19 Restrictions.

I'm sure as you will all know by now the Government has locked down the country. Naturally this means that we are now closed until told otherwise. All guests that are here tonight will have to leave and return home tomorrow. Although this a totally unprecedented action by the Government, it is a necessary one and they have our full support. It was getting harder to keep guests safe especially as some cleaning supplies are getting difficult to source. I would like to praise Alan for an incredible job that he has been doing cleaning the shower block. No-one knows how long we will be shut down for but by pulling together as a country we can get through this. Never did I imagine that I would be posting a message like this, but until we re-open; take care and stay safe.
Best wishes Steve, Louise, Vicky, Anthony and Kirsty.