Tel: 01837 871752Postcode: EX20 4JS

    Covid-19 Precautions:-
Due to updated rules for Test and Trace all visitors over the age of 16 to the campsite ( this includes seasonal guests ) should either check in via the NHS Covid-19 App or contact us on or 01837871752 or message via Facebook to provide All names and phone numbers.
This includes anyone just visiting for the day.
Please also note the NHS Covid-19 App will automatically check you out at midnight so you will need to check in every day.
The QR code for South Breazle Holidays can either be found in the notice board at the side of the shower block or we will happily bring you a copy of it so you can keep it in your caravan. Please just let us know if you would like one.

Our main priority is to keep guests and staff safe. As a business we have decided to keep social distancing at 2 metres across the site as suggested by the Government when possible. With this in mind please be extra careful when entering the main shower block (when reopened) or leaving individual shower/toilet cubicles. DO NOT leave any items in the shower block and put any rubbish securely in the bins. The windows and external doors in the main block will be kept open when possible to increase natural air flow. We have also introduced a 1 way system for the chemical toilet area (please step back if it is already in use). We have introduced a policy of only 2 people at a time in the washing up area (other sinks will be closed) and we have put a small table outside 2 metres away so you can wait there if there are already 2 in there. Please DO NOT leave any items in the area. We will be closing the shower block daily between the hours of 10:30 - 11:30am and again at 6-7 pm. Whilst we keep to a strict cleaning procedures as standard, this will enable us to perform additional deep cleaning procedures including all internal and external door handles. Whilst the block is closed DO NOT attempt to enter, closed for cleaning signs will be outside on the hard standing. There will be no toilet roll left out on the back of the toilets so we will be checking this each time and rubbish bins will also be checked. Whilst Alan is performing the deep cleans he will be wearing PPE. Only 2 sinks in the ladies and gents will be open until further notice.

You will see that we have had to put up a lot more signs, please do not be offended by them but we must follow all recommendations and they are there for your benefit.

Due to the risk of exposure on a telephone we advise that you do not use the internal phone in the washing up area but you can ring us directly on either 01837 871752 or 07974794705, if however you have to, then the phone is also being cleaned twice times a day and a box of disposable gloves will be on top of the box if you require them.

If anyone is displaying any of the symptoms of Covid - 19 listed on the Government website then DO NOT come to the campsite or if you or a member of your party start to feel unwell whilst you are here then all in your party must return home and we will reschedule any remaining days.

For our storage customers, when Steve brings your van down he will clean the electric box and tap that is on your pitch, again this will be with the relevant EN standard cleaners.

For those members who are neither seasonal nor storage then the tap and electric box will be cleaned on the day of your arrival with the relevant EN standard cleaners.

Test and Trace rules have been updated and we now need to ask that everyone in your party over the age of 16 either checks in via the NHS Covid-19 App or notifies us via phone or email that they are here. This includes anyone visiting on site for the day. Please note that the App will check you out automatically at midnight so you will need to check in each morning you are here.

You will notice that we have now got hand sanitizer dispensers in various places. There are 2 on the side of the shower block, 1 by the dog poo bin, 1 by the dog walking paddock and 1 by the rubbish/recycling bins and 1 in the chemical toilet area. Please do use them when entering and leaving. Although these will be checked regularly please do inform us if they are empty.

The washing machine and drier will be available after May 17th but we ask that extra care is taken when collecting/paying for tokens and remember the 2 metre rule. There will be a token collection point by the information room door. Please have the exact money so it can just be dropped in a tin. Items must be removed as soon as the machine is finished. Washing machine token is £3.50 and the drier is £3.00. Again please remember only one person in the washing up area at any one time. During this time we feel that it is best that we keep the fun fountain and Information area closed. Never forget that we are only a phone call away and will always try to help if possible.

A copy of this will be pinned up on the notice board at the front of the block and will be updated as necessary. Thank you for your continued support. 01837 871752 07974794705